Nearshore Services, Simple and Reliable

Cover your project or resource needs optimally with NTT DATA Romania Nearshore Software Services.
You count on 17 years of experience in the international market and high-performance services.
Successful projects. Satisfied customers. Common values.

Nearshore Software Services

Competent, multilingual, known and established as a nearshore software service provider.
Our customers rely on NTT DATA Romania in outsourcing of software development, quality assurance, testing, application management and support, in English and German, with state-of-the-art technologies such as Java, .NET, PHP, Microsoft, SAP, mobile or embedded systems.
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Nearshore Software Development and Support by Outsourcing to Romania

Bet on new opportunities! With NTT DATA Romania, you have access to highly qualified professionals and reliable services. Over 300 projects for customers from 8 countries prove our experience and competence. We accompany you through the entire software life cycle in state-of-the-art technologies such as Java, .NET, Android, iOS, Firefox OS, PHP, and others.

How We Work

Our customers are IT service providers, IT product providers and system integrators. We do not address the end customer. Our qualified and dedicated client teams are embedded remotely or partially onsite in your project. If necessary, you may use shared services models.

We have a modern infrastructure with appropriate communication tools, and work with you on the basis of certified and audited processes. The project language within NTT DATA Romania is generally English or German. The project management is generally taken over by our customers. We gladly accept your challenges!

Our Services

Software development

  • Development of standard or custom software
  • Interface development
  • Add-on software development for standard software
  • App development
  • Quality assurance, manual and automated testing


  • Maintenance of standard software releases in use and productively used custom software


  • Incident management, 24/7, on 1st, 2nd or 3rd level helpdesk for various systems and platforms
  • Problem management
  • System monitoring
  • Availability Management, network and server monitoring

From our 17 years of experience in software services outsourcing we have developed a variety of best practices and acquired extensive expertise. As a result we could adapt our business model and our specific nearshore processes to customer needs.

Outsourcing with NTT DATA Romania is easily accessible for you. Without much effort and without long test periods we work based on an already proven cooperation model.

Our Domain Expertise

  • Finance and accounting
  • Business intelligence
  • Supply Chain Management and procurement
  • Logistics and warehouse management
  • Material management and production planning
  • Sales, distribution, marketing
  • Payroll and human resource management
  • Communication, intranet and collaboration

 Application Types and Application Architectures

  • Web applications, client/server applications, service-oriented application architectures
  • Front-end and back-end modules
  • Transaction-oriented dialogue applications, analytical applications
  • Apps for different mobile devices
  • Conversion and modularization of legacy code / applications

Nearshore SAP Services

As a nearshore service partner of SAP and numerous SAP partner companies in Germany, we offer support in many SAP projects. By customer-specific SAP based developments or ITIL compliant support services, you can achieve more efficiency and competitive advantages.
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Nearshore SAP Services

High quality SAP Systems and their ongoing operation require both IT and SAP know-how as well as technical competence. Cooperation between SAP partners or system integrators and an outsourcing service supplier are a low-cost and high competitive constellation.

NTT DATA Romania has a long experience in the SAP environment for German and international customers. Even in complex projects, we are successfully in-time and in-budget.

Our SAP Services in Overview

  • SAP installations and configurations
  • Development of customized applications as well as interfaces in the SAP environment
  • SAP application management services: support services and operational services
  • SAP rollouts in Romania

How We Work

Basically, our nearshore teams work remotely and, when needed, even onsite for limited periods of time. If project-related or over a longer period, the teams are firmly dedicated to the respective customer. Alternatively, shared services models are possible. For support services we offer 24 x 7 or on-call duty models. The definition of service level agreements is based on the requirements of your critical systems. Thus you ensure the continuity of your business processes and the proper operation of your systems.

Nearshore Embedded Services

We support Creative Engineering for suppliers or manufacturers mainly from the automotive industry with embedded services in testing and development based on the V-model. The development of simulations, tests and analyses, based for example on CANoe and uTAS, offer you more room for innovation.
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Nearshore Embedded Services

We accurately bring together software and hardware.

NTT DATA Romania services in the embedded area allow our end customers to raise creative thinking and engineering to new levels. In doing so, we take not only the classic path but also new ways and create for our customers more room for development and innovation.

As development partner of the industry, we offer support in all phases of development. Our focus is on software development and testing based on the V-model.

Our software engineering experience in embedded systems is primarily shaped by the automotive industry. The extensive practical expertise associated with the IT and electronics knowledge of our experts, recommend us as a competent partner in diverse industries such as mechanical engineering, measuring and testing equipment, telecommunications, energy, medical technology, etc.

Our Services at a Glance

  • Software engineering and design, complete development services throughout the software lifecycle
  • Design and development of user interfaces
  • Embedded software testing, manual and automated.

We combine technology, talent, and innovation with the highest quality standards. Together with our customers we develop and implement new ideas and advanced technologies.

NTT DATA Romania has proven to be a nearshore partner with extensive embedded experience. By using our dedicated teams you remain agile and achieve short time-to-market for your time-critical systems.