Advisory Services

We strive to find the best IT- and business solutions for you

NTT DATA Romania is embodied by its core competencies of developing, supporting and testing products throughout their entire lifecycle. By working with our customers that require customized solutions and leading edge technologies, NTT DATA Romania has acquired intangible and unique technical know-how in the most advanced fields of IT. We want to share this explicit knowledge with you.

Our portfolio also includes robotic process automation (RPA), IT-security, Research and Development (R&D), and business process management (BPM) services.

Robotic Process Automation

Companies that want to save resources and minimize errors in handling business processes, implement Robotic Process Automation solutions. We have created at NTT DATA a robotic process automation tool in order for you to find the most efficient way to conduct business processes. With this tool you solve tasks that do not require brainpower through robotic automation. This way, we take the robot out of the human.

When we’re not using our own tool, we rely on market leaders like UiPath and BluePrism.

IT Security

Since the 21st century vast amounts of confidential data has been entered and stored on the Internet. Keeping this data safe from manipulations, deletion and copying is essential for not only ensuring a smoothly running business, but also for safeguarding a company’s existence. We support you in first identifying all breaches and errors in your security systems and then help you correct these accordingly.

Research and Development

The trend in smart technology, specifically AI and Internet of Things is unstoppable and will define how business life is going to look like. Our R&D department helped us build up fundamental competencies and know-how through various projects.

We leverage our tacit knowledge and collaborative skillset to move your product to being the desired release candidate.

Business Process Management

Business processes are an important asset of an organization that must be understood in order to deliver value-added services and products to clients and customers.

Managing these processes  correctly means improving corporate performance which in turn leads to organic growth. With our skills in optimizing your business processes, we will help you achieve the results you want.


The IoT platform developed is a further step towards Industry 4.0. Remote sensors monitor industrial processes and interconnect trough industrial grade WiFi technology. Low power consumption and wireless technology means the battery-operated devices have low maintenance requirements and high robustness.

Smart ICU

Information flow is just as important as medication in many medical institutions. As part of our Smart ICU initiative, patient data is collected and with the aid of Machine Learning applied to big data, predictions can be made about the patients’ health. Medical stuff is always informed via the connected mobile applications.

Connected AI

The need to interact and connect is perhaps best visualized looking at traffic. The Connected AI project is tackling the autonomous driving problem by making use of advanced machine learning algorithms constantly adapting to the ever-changing environment through dynamic maps.

Touch-screen Automation

Test automation reaches system test. Touchscreen displays are tested with advanced computer vision techniques to rapidly validate results. Electromechanical actuators interact with the touch sensor for a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

3D reconstruction from ultrasound images

Computers aid the decision making process of medical staff by turning 2D ultrasound examinations into 3D models. Models are hence easier to manipulate offline and allow for better tracking of the condition, reducing the overdependence on the operator.

Embedded Visual Computing

Computer vision is a bigger and bigger topic, implemented on ever smaller devices. Applications like people counting and leg detection are implemented on small extremely versatile embedded platforms. The reduced size and power requirements of these systems makes them very attractive for a variety of applications.

Airborne Image Processing

With drones being more and more ubiquitous the need for autonomy is more and more evident. Autonomous path planning, navigation and obstacle avoidance is the next step in Drone technology.

Collaborative Robots

Growing automation brings humans and robots closer and closer together. An array of 3D cameras creates a dynamic virtual copy of the environment enabling close and safe human robot collaboration. This enables to tailor the production process around the special strengths of humans and robots greatly increasing efficiency in the safest way possible.

Human-Robot Interaction

Robot interaction needs to be as smooth and intuitive as possible. Face tracking enables robots to detect the subject of interest and follow him around without the need of complex controls and interactions on the user side.