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Consortium of utilities (electricity, gas) distribution companies in 9 countries

Provider of leading solutions for CIS, Smart Grid and Market Interaction

December 2013 – ongoing


Delphi, Oracle, Jira, Agile Scrum


  • Development and maintenance of CIS (Customer Information System), a service for utility billing and customer care.
  • It enables utilities to better understand and communicate with their energy customers, and offers new and personalized energy services. It is already being used by more than 100 Nordic utilities.

Performance by NTT DATA Romania

  • Give advice in preparing technical concept
  • Development of pieces of functionality
  • Development of reports
  • Database scripts creation
  • Unit tests creation
  • Tests manual running
  • Deployment
  • Bug-fixing
  • Maintenance
  • Assure support

Client Benefits

  • Long-standing cooperation
  • The technical know-how from the team helps to develop efficient solutions
  • High quality of the produced code (Few bugs, good performance) while adhering to the agreed coding standards
  • Fast learning and high adaptability to new technologies
  • Client developed many proprietary tools for development and testing and once learned by developers/testers these persons become valueable assets for the company
  • Agile software development – optimal collaboration with the developers
  • Research of complex technical topics and finding good solutions for the implementation of technical requirements