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Germany‘s largest independent comparison portal

Consumer portal and online marketplace

08.2013 – ongoing


ASP.NET, ASP MVC, Scrum, TDD, SOLID principles, C#, Sitecore framework, Nhibernate, MS SQLServer 2014, AngularJS 1,4, Typescript,  JavaScript, Bitbucket Server, SVN, ThoughtWorks GoCD, SonarQube, Jira, Confluence, Castle Windsor


  • Identify a reliable partner for the development of the website
  • Constantly working to improve tariff comparisons
  • Demanding customer, puts a lot of focus on quality
  • Need of a dynamic team of backend, frontend developers, QA and architects
  • Consider client-specific policies, methods, and best practices
  • Development model: Agile

Performance by NTT DATA Romania


  • Maintenance and development of new features
  • Coding, Unit, Integration & Acceptance Tests
  • Bug fixing
  • Test execution of new developments based on the information from the user stories
  • Analyse, document und evaluate bugs
  • Showcase Product Owner

Client Benefits

  • Great cooperation between the client teams and NTT DATA Romania
  • Comprehensive and well-founded knowledge, as well as good know-how of the products
  • NTT DATA with a strong footprint at the customer
  • With the help of NTT DATA, the client was able to secure the development capacities. Growth in almost 4 years from 2 to 30 employees
  • 100% of the customer feedback is positive
  • Complete takeover of the ramp up phase with new colleagues and engagement of colleagues in Tech Lead roles
  • Confidence that technical requirements are optimally implemented by the customer thanks to existing technical know-how
  • High seniority level
  • Fluctuation below 4% in the team