Ex Machina

The term Internet of things relates to connectivity. In short, any device that operates on a network may be connected to any other device that uses that network, this way giving birth to invisible relations and systems between them that are governed by rules and communicate with each other through signals. The concept under which these rules are managed and the signals are measured and translated into feedback is named Internet of Things.

With sensors, 3D Cameras, data storage clouds, machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms, Romania is preparing to take a big leap into the future. But rather than a leap of faith, this is more of a leap of mind made by some of the brightest brains in the country, who chose to dive into the world’s newest concept in IT, brining innovation and planning to revolutionize the manufacturing industries of their country: IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things).

This means not only a mere automation of particular parameters, but rather a new way of managing production through which any process that does not require absolute human attention is subject to automation. The goal is to have the production lines supervised with high-tech embedded hardware, which will then send gathered data through its sensors to the cloud, through a preliminary ‘edge’ processing, ending up in signals to a software that carries out the needed actions. This movement has already caught the eyes of leaders from the largest manufacturing companies in Romania in regards to possible investments and business development plans for the near future.

This means that any elements, which combined may result in a growth in efficiency, will be connected to each other in order for them to serve the greater Smart Factory concept. In less technical terms, the future of our factories is starting to look more or less like our society
(or at least, a rather perfect, overly-controlled and rigid one, to be honest), in the idea in which each element is doing its job and thus contributing to the bigger picture, it basically encapsulates the same concept.