NTT DATA Romania announced today the official inauguration of the “INNU18” Innovation Laboratory. The event marks a new milestone in the company’s commitment to invest in Romania.


NTT DATA continuously invests in the future of Romania, it’s newest milestone: INNU18. The Lab has been designed as a space for exploration for new solutions where the clients’ business needs can receive concrete answers from NTT DATA Romania specialists. The new laboratory will significantly contribute to the growth of IT research and development efforts in Romania.

INNU18 offers customers a specific framework for exploring innovation through workshops and events. Advanced Technologies from NTT DATA Romania, NTT DATA Group and NTT Group will be shared to demonstrate the company’s technological skills and create new business opportunities.

“Innovation has become an increasingly sophisticated concept today, apparently accessible only to a small group of specialists, engineers, or computer scientists. To evolve, our society needs another approach to the concept of innovation. It requires an integrated, shared social innovation effort. Social, community innovation is at hand for each of us. Each of us, in our own ecosystem, has the chance to innovate, to create something new, to improve the way we achieve things. NTT DATA Romania Innovation Lab “INNU18” is an approach of the micro-group represented by our employees. However, we are prepared to make this lab available to other young people who are keen to innovate and be involved in the overall approach to community innovation.” – declared Dr. Daniel Metz, CEO NTT DATA Romania.

“I welcome NTT DATA Romania’s project to invest in an innovation space and especially to make it accessible to the community, because this is in line with the efforts the administration has supported in recent years in order to encourage open innovation, local development within the ecosystem, through participatory and open approaches to change. Cluj has a future insofar as it continues to encourage the functioning of this local ecosystem and to enhance the talents it has in all areas. Together we will always find solutions to problems that will be faster, cheaper and better than those we can obtain separately. As we know, change is inevitable, assuming that it will bring progress to our community, but it is optional. Along with companies that invest in Cluj and especially in the development of their people, this option is the future. NTT DATA Romania brings the future to Cluj now,” declared Emil Boc – Mayor of Cluj-Napoca.

Digitization has already changed society. In the context of continuous technological evolution, it will undergo a real structural revolution that will change existing business models and lead them to a new level. In order to make optimal decisions in business, it is essential for leaders to identify and understand future changes and to determine the best trajectory towards sustainability.

The NTT DATA Group continues to invest in research and development of services and products using technologies focused on AI and IoT.

The inauguration of the new INNU18 laboratory took place in the presence of: Dr. Daniel Metz, CEO NTT DATA Romania, Emil Boc, Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Yo Honma, President & CEO, NTT DATA, Keiichiro Yanagi, Senior Executive Vice President and Representative Director , NTT DATA, Toshi Fujiwara, Senior Executive Vice President and Representative Director, NTT DATA and Ken Tsuchihashi, Chairman of the Board, NTT DATA EMEA.