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PDP Software

PDP Software is a start-up company which built a cloud software solution on the SAP Cloud Platform

01.07.2015 – ongoing

SAP Hana in memory Database, SAP Hana Extended Application Services, JPA, Spring, Spring JPA, EclipseLink, Spring Security, Apache Olingo (Odata Services), Spring AOP, SAP Fiori, SAPUI5, SAP Web Ide


NTT DATA Romania developed first a proof of concept, where an already existing PHP prototype was used as model for creating new application on SAP Cloud Platform using SAP Web Ide at the front-end and JAVA at the back-end.
After finishing the proof of concept a mixed  junior and senior nearshore development team is now developing the resource management applications on SAP Cloud platform.
Besides the regular resource management and the resource allocation on different projects, the application will enable data import from related systems like SuccessFactors, advanced search option in the CVs, in external systems like LinkedIn and also various reporting options.

Performance by NTT DATA Romania

  • Proof of Concept Development
  • Database design and OData services
  • Development in SAP Web Ide of SAP Fiori applications for management of projects, resource manager assignments, project manager assignments, search of possible candidates, compare of possible candidates, staffing of candidates, scheduler (Gantt chart) and utilization reports

Client Benefits

The Apps helps company to manage which employees are working on which projects and which projects are suitable for which employees.

Working in (global) organizations can be very difficult to understand which employees are available.

Managing this process efficiently ensures:

  • Increase of staff utilization with a direct impact on revenue
  • Faster process to staff opportunities and projects is an advantage against competitors
  • Better forecast and understanding of upcoming needs for resources, skills, expertise. This is a key element to shape a proper HR agenda and decide about strategy regarding contingent resources (freelancer versus own staff)