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NTT DATA Romania stands in the frontline of Software Quality by offering the complete QA package for its customers.

Stay in shape with your business! Test with us if your solutions comply with quality requirements related to functionality, speed, safety, but also in terms of look and feel.

Services Overview

Services for Your Success

NTT DATA Romania Quality Assurance Services

In the area of Quality Assurance we offer the following services:

  • Test Management Solutions
  • Test Execution and Quality Control
  • Test Architecture
  • Test Automation Services
  • Performance Analysis
  • Security Testing
  • Consultancy and Coaching for choosing the best tools
  • Training for your in-house teams

We implement quality strategies cross platform and technology level our strong words being “scalability” and “sustainability” – the key passage to success in the business solutions world.

With a focus on the field of B2B solutions, we combine usability, which is today important for business products, with the latest, most innovative technologies. Thus we meet all quality requirements of various systems and industries from ‘out of the box’ mobile solutions to highly complex automotive electronics.

Projects and Approach

Customers across many industries have benefited from a successful implementation of a software quality solution:

  • Energy and utility services sector in the Central and Northern European markets
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in Germany
  • European suppliers for the sugar industry
  • Automotive industry in Germany
  • Financial software sector in Europe and many more!

Based on the following standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • IEEE 829
  • Process tailoring according to ISO 29119

Combined with our own practical experience, we have developed a proprietary NTT DATA Romania QA approach. This is being regularly optimized by our specialists.

Your Benefits

Take advantage of the benefits given by the NTT DATA Romania nearshore offer:

  • Cost reduction through problem-solving in the earliest phases of the product life cycle
  • Configuring and monitoring your quality threshold with the NTT DATA quality process
  • Regression free work through end-to-end test automation and use of reporting framework solutions
  • Improved time-to-market through test automation
  • High level of user satisfaction
  • Security to your customers and performance improvement in a fast-changing world of technology.

Quality Assurance Services

Regardless of the quality assurance level, your products or company services require NTT DATA Romania is your reliable partner for software testing.
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