Early testing and quality assurance are critical to the success of your IT projects

Software projects or new releases of software products can often be compromised by quality deficiencies. Trying to cut corners to save money is the false approach

Time-to-market is a crucial criterion in the business strategy. A few weeks may decide the success or failure of a product launch. Due to the high demand and the ever-shorter product life cycles, software service providers need to implement aggressive schedules for their development teams while taking little consideration for quality. Time and cost pressures often lead to poor product implementations and, in retrospect, to tedious maintenance and lower profits.

We help you find the balance between the tight time-to-market and the application of quality standards.

Watts Humphrey, a pioneer in software development, showed that even with experienced programmers, every tenth line of code is a mistake. This means that a product with one million code lines runs risk of having 100,000 defects. 95% of these errors will be corrected before the release, however 5,000 defects will remain that enter the market along with the product.

Stay fit in your business: test with NTT DATA whether your solutions meet the quality requirements with regard to functionality, speed, security, but also look and feel.

Cost reduction through process and productivity improvements in the earliest phases of the product life cycle

Configuring and monitoring your quality threshold with the NTT DATA quality process

Regression free work through end-to-end test automation and use of reporting framework solutions


Improved time-to-market through test automation

High satisfaction of your users

Security to customers and performance improvement in a fast-changing world of technology

We take over the design of test plans, test artifacts, test cases and test scenarios, report on the test activities and coordinate them. Our experience covers various software methods, depending on the project: agile, waterfall, a combination of these two or others.

We implement quality strategies regardless of platform and technology.

We focus on scalability and sustainability as key factors for success in the world of business solutions.

With a focus on B2B solutions, we combine usability, which is now the key to success for business products, with the latest innovative technologies. This means that we meet all quality requirements from ‘out of the box’ mobile solutions to highly complex automotive electronics.

We design the test activities based on the following quality standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • IEEE 829
  • Process adaptation according to ISO 29119

The quality assurance process starts in the first project phase and ends once the product has past the acceptance test.

The planning of the entire quality assurance process is part of the project plan. Functional tests, integration tests, specific test and performance tests are planned and described by means of test scenarios and test cases, depending on the complexity of the project and the size of the QM-Team.

The entire process is documented and supported by tools. The information resulting from the project is made available both to the client and the team members.

Test logs are issued on a regular basis.

The outcome of the Quality Management process is analyzed and reviewed during the sprint review according to the iterative and incremental nature of the project.

We test web & desktop platforms based on various technologies such as .NET, Java, PHP, SAP and many others.

As a company that strives to be at the technological frontier, we are highly experienced in the field of automation. This makes us skilled in test automation and in developing mature testing frameworks through the usage of open sources or closed market solutions. We even develop own customized testing frameworks depending on the mission at hand.

We use Agile Xp as our testing method, a strategy that is driven through automation on all application architectural endpoints: server side, services (restful, soap), enterprise architectures, and big data.

Our latest technological know-how uses complex testing solutions aimed to facilitate system testing of very large and time consuming end-to-end processes.

On the basis of being an experienced and dedicated partner, we have learned to get the best out of test automation by:

  • Demonstrating the value of such solutions
  • Identifying and solving defects of applications
  • reating technical bug reports which specify the incorrect code or method within a module
  • Shortening the problem investigation time of cross functional agile teams
  • Automating the delivery process using the automation testing framework
  • Continuously extracting telemetry and BI data of complex reporting solutions

Today/nowadays companies invest significant resources into mobile applications with the aim to better understand customer needs and to improve customer engagement.

This is because companies that prioritize digital transformation understand that mobile applications improve the efficiency and control of processes.

Mobile applications have become the core of digital transformation, and companies at which digitization is top priority, have successfully acknowledged this fact.

However, the development of mobile applications is usually carried out in a deficient manner and with errors which in turn can endanger positive business outcomes. In most cases, companies do not have the technical competencies to deal with the complexity and the scale of errors that need to be corrected. Due to our wealth of experience in manual but also automated testing for iOS and Android devices, we can assure you a perfectly running application by testing your mobile applications.

“The cooperation with the QA team of NTT DATA is a great pleasure. The work input and the quality awareness is extraordinary. In addition to the great professional competence, the team always succeeds in communicating very well with the team members in Germany. The QA team is a great support and takes over important tasks in the project. These are related to the functional specifications, test case and documentation preparation.”

Lucke EDV, Sales Manager, Wilhelm Luft


  • Selenium
  • Test Complete
  • Jmeter
  • Load UI
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Tosca Commander
  • HP Unified Function Testing
  • .NET Stack
  • Orchard
  • WebDriver
  • AutoIT
  • AutoTester
  • SOAP UI Pro
  • CC.NET u.a.
  • TAO
  • UFT
  • UI Automator
  • Robotium
  • Auto IT
  • Cucumber