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Nearshore Services

Flexible. Experienced. Secure

Our clients face increasing competition on all markets. Cost and time-to-market are critical for the success of their projects. Therefore, any advantage can lead to success. Therefore we intensively use all opportunities to create added value for your business.  The nearshore model offers significant benefits irrespective of the industry. With us you optimally involve professionals in your projects, which have the skills you need and when you need them. We are flexible and transparent, without fixed cost, exactly as your business requires. Stay agile and innovative with us.

Long Term and Solid Partnership with NTT DATA Romania

A reliable and stable nearshore partner that supports you throughout achieving your long-term project goals. This way you build your technology projects on a solid foundation that meet the requirements of the years to come.

With NTT DATA Romania, as part of the NTT DATA Group, you have a solid and reliable partner. We have access to best practices and expert know-how from a variety of industries and proven projects worldwide. For every challenge, we find the best solution for you.

Competence Brings Advantages

The NTT DATA Romania nearshore cooperation model is based on the experiences of a wide range of projects and customer needs. Our approach based on methodology ensures the success of your projects.

The field-proven nearshore process models developed by NTT DATA Romania for software development, support, quality assurance and application management services support your projects optimally. This is how we ensure predictability and highest efficiency in your projects.

Internal processes ensure the required level of quality in all phases of your projects. International institutions have certified our processes. Strict compliance to the processes is checked and confirmed through regular client audits too.

Project Languages English and German

English and German are the main project languages in our company. Due to the intense nearshore business relations with European and German-speaking countries, English and German have major importance. All employees have very good English language skills and the majority of our employees are also fluent in German.

A Partner Near to You

As partner that plans with you, we actively make sure that your objectives are met. We work perfectly together with your teams. Together we can overcome barriers and master technological challenges.

Security Is at Home Here

Our IT and building infrastructure complies with the latest international requirements and standards (ISO 27001). Modern infrastructure and communication media support efficient project work, information and knowledge management processes.

Work with the Best

As one of the preferred employers in Romania, we have access to top graduates of all relevant programs. Our sites are located in the largest higher education centers of the country, supporting our high delivery capability for your needs. The recruiting department gives you quick access to the professionals so that you have the best conditions to staff your time-critical software projects with high-profile project teams.